Borden Milk


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2%, reduced fat, skim, whole, vitamin D, chocolate

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2% Reduced Fat Milk 16oz, Vitamin D Whole Milk 16oz, Chocolate Whole Milk 16oz, Strawberry Whole Milk 16oz, Egg Nog 16oz, Half and Half 16oz, 2% Reduced Fat Milk 32oz, Vitamin D Whole Milk 32oz, Chocolate Whole Milk 32oz, Egg Nog 32oz, Half and Half 32oz, 2% Reduced Fat Milk Half Gallon, Vitamin D Whole Milk Half Gallon, Chocolate Whole Milk Half Gallon, Egg Nog Half Gallon, Buttermilk Half Gallon, 2% Reduced Fat Milk 1 Gal, Vitamin D Whole Milk 1 Gal, Chocolate Whole Milk 1 Gal


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