McCormick Spice Classics



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Basil Leaves 0.40 oz, Parsley Flakes 0.40 oz, Italian Seasoning 0.87 oz, Whole Oregano 0.87 oz, Rosemary Leaves 1.37 oz, Crushed Red Pepper 1.75 oz, Chopped Onion 1.75 oz, Ground Black Pepper 1.87 oz, Imitation Bacon Bits 2 oz, Ground Cinnamon 2.37 oz, Ground Red Pepper 2.37 oz, Paprika 2.50 oz, Chili Powder 2.87 oz, Lemon Pepper Seasoning Salt 3.75 oz, Cajun Seasoning 4 oz, Chicken Seasoning Salt 4.50 oz, Seasoned Salt 4.75 oz, Steak Seasoning Salt 4.75 oz, Garlic And Pepper Seasoning 4.87 oz, Soul Food Seasoning Salt 5.12 oz, Garlic Salt 5.17 oz, Meat Tenderizer 5.25 oz, Onion Salt 5.50 oz


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